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Holiday House Rome Italy

At Hotel La Mela, we are always innovating new measures to make sure that you never miss the comfort of your residence.

Are you looking for Holiday Apartments To Rent In Rome? Look no further than Hotel La Mela. We are one of the best Holiday House Rome Italy that is decked with all modern amenities and can offer the best value for money when compared to other standard hotels. Usually, a first time traveller to Rome is on a budget and hence affordability is a big concern.

Our staff is extremely friendly and often they go out of their way to help you with anything that you may wish to have. Our food is cooked in a homely atmosphere of a Holiday House Rome Italy and hence our selection of spices is the finest. We have a great collection of Italian wine that is surely going to up your spits like nothing else.

Located at close proximity to major attractions of Rome, Hotel La Mela is a perfect Holiday Apartments To Rent In Rome that renders a feeling of a home while still away from it!