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Residence Rome Italy

At Hotel La Mela, we put customer and customer needs way ahead and at the top of our list.

Hence, we are better suited to any branded hotel that can cost you heavy on your pocket but turns out to be ordinary in its services. The finest piece of choice for one and all travellers to Rome, we at Hotel La Mela offer the best Residence in Rome Italy.

Located at close proximity to all major attractions of the city, Hotel La Mel; Residence Rome Italy is great choice for one and all travellers who are travelling to Rome for the very first time. Also, the location of the hotel makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to stay close to the local transport facility.

As such, Residence in Rome Italy, Hotel La Mela is located real close to the subway and you can catch a train to get around over short distances and catch a glimpse of the nearby attractions. Make your bookings today and book your place.